Psychotherapy and Assessment

Child, Adolescent, Young Adult and Family Psychotherapy and Assessment

In family and couples therapy the focus is not on one particular individual but the family as a whole.  By meeting with family members together and individually, families are able to address areas of difficulty and work towards positive change. Family therapy may work to improve communication, decrease conflict, better compassion and understanding and foster adaptive adjustment to changes or transitions.

Work with young adults is also tailored to the individual client and treatment goals are aimed at improving quality of life in specific areas of functioning.  This may be in relationships, school or job performance, transitional periods or in understanding a sense of self.  When working with young adults, psychotherapy often draws upon psychodynamic psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, process-oriented treatments and cogntive-behavioral therapy. Through extensive training, the delivery of services is fully integrated and theoretically driven so as to provide clients with the highest level of care.

Treatment for children and adolescents often combines a tailored combination of individual sessions, parent sessions, and family sessions.  Family sessions may include all family members or different subsets of the family aimed at targeting a particular goal.   Treatment is very focused and based on identifying and then working towards goals through evidence-based practices. Importantly, all of this happens within a supportive environment and once the child and parent feel comfortable.  

Particularly with children and adolescents, cognitive-behaivoral therapy (CBT) is the modality of choice as it is short-term, focused and action-oriented.  Clients are helped to see how their patterns of thinking and doing are impacting how they feel.  This is accomplished through a combination of talk, play, stories, and art.

The purpose of the first appointment is to get to know and feel comfortable with each other, better understand your concerns and work together to develop a treatment plan.  After the first appointment, you and/or your child can decide if you would like to continue treatment and schedule a weekly appointment. If the client is a child, parents will be seen individually and then depending on the circumstances, the child will be seen individually or with parents.

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