Child, Adolescent, Young Adult and Family Psychotherapy and Assessment

Typical Assessment Process

Intake Interview: The assessment will begin with a 60-90 minute comprehensive clinical interview.  For this session the parents will come without the child and the goal is to gain detailed information about the child’s developmental, educational, medical and psychiatric history.  Parents will also complete standardized forms to help provide information about their child.  With parent’s permission, forms will also be provided to the child’s primary teacher(s) and/or current providers.  

Testing Sessions: The child will then come for approximately two to four testing sessions. The comprehensive evaluation will be tailored to the needs of each individual but can include assessment of:

  • ​Intellectual functioning

  • Academic functioning 

  • Memory

  • Language skills

  • Motor skills

  • Executive functioning

  • Personality

  • Social-emotional and/or Behavioral functioning

Phone Consultation: With parent permission, teachers and current providers will be contacted by phone to obtain additional information. 

Feedback: Following completion of testing, a feedback session will be scheduled within three weeks of the final testing session.  During the feedback session, parents and child will receive verbal feedback regarding results of testing.  Feedback will be delivered individually to the parents first, and then provided to the child in a developmentally appropriate manner.  

Comprehensive Written Report: Within ten days following the feedback session, parents will receive a comprehensive written report that explains results of the evaluation and provides extensive recommendations. Parents then have the option of sharing the report with current providers and school.

Consultation and Support: Following receipt of the evaluation your clinician will remain available to provide additional consultation and support.  This may include consultation with outside services or school or special education meetings.

Psychotherapy and Assessment